Get Kids Reading

My Mission to get kids reading!

Alex Brewster Bookworm Squirm Toddlers Books Read Aloud

As a parent I realise how important it is to encourage a love of books and reading in children. As a teacher I see the impact daily, when kids haven’t ever engaged in reading and consequently struggle in school. In 2016 started a YouTube Channel to make sure every child has the chance to have a book read to them. Children’s books offer the opportunity to explore entirely new universes, experience events beyond the already expanding imagination of a child and do so inexpensively.

Technology and Reading

The Literacy Trust state that their research “shows that, when used appropriately, technology can be an important route in to reading for certain groups of children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and boys.” Their website has plenty of good resources for supporting children through their first encounters with reading. The videos I produce exist not only to give every child the chance to have a book read to them, but also seek to inspire children to want to read more. It is great to see Primary Schools engage with online platforms such as Pearson’s ActiveLearn.

 Reading with your Child

The Book Trust offer some good tips on How to Read with your Child and make a strong case for the importance of reading to your child as a bonding experience to cherish. Curled up on the sofa or tucked into bed with a good kid’s book and your little one is a wonderful, hopefully daily, experience for many parents and it’s never too late to start. Bringing the book to life can be a tricky task for many parents and there are a number of tips available on The Book Trust’s website.