Best Black Friday Deals for Parents

Black Friday 2018

It’s that time of year again, when Amazon and other retailers tempt you with their pre-Christmas bargains. If you look carefully you can find some absolute GEMS – These are my top picks for Black Friday 2018! Whilst Black Friday isn’t officially until next week, Amazon like to get in early!

The Deals

Echo Dot Black Friday 2018

Echo Dot – Audio Games, Kids’ Playlists, Educational Apps & More.

The Echo Dot is proving itself to be the must have gadget for those starting their journey towards a smart home. You can pick one up for £24.99 which is Half Price during the Black Friday Event. From there you and your children will have access to a variety of apps (called Skills) that can create fun, learning moments from the comfort of your own home. Even better you can set reminders, play songs through your favourite streaming service, and plenty of other grown-up stuff too. As a hub in a Smart Home it provides voice control over lights, heating, toasters, kettles and so much more, as the Internet of Things begins to grow. I regretted not picking up the earlier model last Black Friday – the price never went as low again – I am ready to feel connected.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet – Affordable, fully-loaded Tablet for an incredible price.

The Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet is a perfect entry point for an on the move entertainment system. Speaking as someone with 2 smashed iPads following incidents with an over eager toddler the Fire Tablet is inexpensive but offers much of the same functionality. Available in a variety of colours and clad in super-protective casing, the Fire Tablet has the added benefit of a 1 year subscription to Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited included in the price. This gives you complete Parental Control over the tablet but also provides loads of online content (games, cartoons, books etc.) from top providers such as LEGO and Disney. If you want to test the water you can sign-up for a FREE Trial right now.

Trunki – the original ride-on suitcase

If you have been toying with the idea of buying your child a Trunki Case you can currently pick one up for 35% OFF. The real value of these kicks in as you disembark the plane at midnight and your child can ride this carry-on sized rugged case all the way through passport control. Perfection. If you grab one during Black Friday you can get 35% OFF the full range which means you can pick one up for under £25.


LEGO Batmobile – remote controlled crime fighting

This doesn’t really need an introduction but it is worth stating that if you are considering grabbing LEGO or LEGO DUPLO for Christmas, now is the time to buy. There is currently upto 40% OFF sets so there are significant savings to be had. The LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital is normally £84.99 but is currently available for £50.99. If you want an amazing LEGO Batmobile you can pick up the rather wonderful App Controlled version for £53.93 – this normally sells for £89.99 so is decent future buy for Christmas!

Nintendo Switch & Let’s Go! – Pokemon finally comes to the Switch

So not strictly a Black Friday Deal – the Pokémon Let’s Go! Switch launched today and is absolutely going to sell out. If you are contemplating buying one – then you need to grab one now. I made the error of not picking up a Pikachu 2DS XL early enough last year. Grr! The new Let’s Go! Bundle includes a Nintendo Switch Console in limited edition colours, Let’s Go Pikachu Game* and the Pokeball Controller as well as the two limited edition Eevee and Pikachu Joycon Controllers. It’s actually really good value considering the cost of these components separately.

These are the type of bundle that usually end up on Ebay for £500 in a week so grab one now!

If you already have a Switch then copies of the Pikachu and Eevee Versions are available now.

* There is an Eevee version of the Bundle Available too

What have you picked up this Black Friday? Let me know in the comments section!

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