How Do You Feel? By Anthony Browne

How Do You Feel?

Have you ever asked your child, “How do you feel?” and struggled to get a response? I love Anthony Browne’s books and this book is a genuinely wonderful way to start a conversation with your young children about their emotions. Children will learn that emotions are normal, both positive and negative ones and that they are an important way to express ourselves. It is a very popular video on my YouTube Channel.

In How Do you Feel? we are introduced to a chimp who models different emotional responses, accompanied by easy to comprehend illustrations. Usefully the back page of the book includes a spread that repeats the shared emotions that could be used to provide a way to gather non-verbal feedback from a child about their current feelings. I am impressed by the simple presentation of what is essentially a really useful book for parents of young children. I believe there are extended uses for parents of children with developmental challenges; as discussed, the book welcomes a non-verbal response and can be used to encourage dialogue between parent and child. The following questions could be answered verbally or non-verbally.

Questions to ask your child

How do you feel right now? 

What is your favourite feeling?

Do you know anyone who is like (point to picture)?

Where can I buy?

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