Meg on the Moon

Meg on the Moon, I feel like I am 8 years old again! Sitting cross-legged on the classroom carpet, listening to a story read expertly by the teacher; maybe the sound of rain outside but feeling warm, safe and secure with your classmates beside you as you heard tales of peculiar pirates, bothersome bears and maybe even wonderfully wicked witches. Meg isn’t a wicked witch, in fact, she is a rather lovely one and she always has time for her pet cat, Mog.

Meg the Witch kid’s books are something I can remember listening to (and later reading to myself) on that primary school carpet or at the local library. Helen Nicoll created narratives that were simple in presentation but allowed so much space for children to use their imagination and join Meg and Mog on their adventures. Jan Pienkowski’s illustrations perfectly enhanced the storytelling and presented high contrast colours alongside thick, black outlines and emotive typographic elements. Remember if you enjoyed the story you can watch other great kid’s stories online at Bookworm Squirm.

In this story Mog decides to treat Mog with a trip to the moon, how else would you celebrate a cat’s birthday?! Of course, along the way the pair¬†encounter some difficulties but it’s all in the name of a good adventure. Once you have watched the book being read aloud, talk through the following questions with your child.

Questions to ask your child:

1. If you were Meg – what would you want to eat when you arrived on the moon?

2. Can you point to the moon in the sky?

3. If you could visit anywhere, where would you go?


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??Meg on the Moon

??Meg on the Moon

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