The YouTube Channel

I set up Bookworm Squirm in 2016 when my child was 4 years old. She was starting to engage with on-screen entertainment and so I began to dig around YouTube to see what the content was like. I felt that there wasn’t a lot of good, educational videos for toddlers and wanted to rectify it – so I uploaded my first video reading kid’s books aloud. I chose Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr & Eric Carle. Two weeks later someone watched it, I was amazed!

Slowly things moved from there, some videos gained 1000s of views quickly whereas others built only a handful of views in months. It was cool that someone, somewhere was watching; view counts didn’t matter – I created the channel to give every child a chance to have a book read to them and it was happening!

The channel is my mission to make sure that children across the world have the chance to have a story read to them – whether it is a bedtime story, a kid’s book before school or simply something to fight boredom; I want kids across the world to discover new stories that help them fall in love with reading. I would love you to join me on this mission by subscribing to my YouTube Channel and sharing my videos and blog, make sure you let me know what children’s books your child is reading at the moment.

It’s time to visit the channel and Subscribe!

Get in touch if you want to work together: bookwormsquirm @